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    Ane Chijo Max Heart 4
    Ane Chijo Max Heart 4
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    “What is the meaning of this?” Sarasa asks as she pressed her large breasts against Kira’s head. Laid out in front of them is the results of Kira’s exam, and on it shows that he got second place in the school. But, “This is unacceptable. Everything but first place is meaningless. This is proof that that dumb bitch distracted you.” Catching Kira coming out of another girl’s room, Sarasa gives Kira his punishment. She crawls in between his legs and snaps a condom onto his swollen dick. Meanwhile, Kasuri is still getting the wrong idea. She thought that she had to be more aggressive so she called Kira to her club’s room. Her swimsuit hugging her petite body, she shoves herself with Kira into one of the changing room’s locker...

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