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    Silica GEL - Game Master's Trap
    Silica GEL - Game Master's Trap
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    Silica GEL - Game Master's Trap Hentai
    The idol dreams of SAO's young Beast-tamer are stalled by despicable users who steal her baby Mage-dragon Pina. As a condition of Pina's freedom the young girl has to submit to violation: part of the Game Master's cruel trap. A scheme to sodomize a would-be idol. The users twist and tease her nipples, stroke her sensitive pubis through her panties, tongue her clitoris, slip fingers inside her virgin hole, and she orgasms so hard that she pees herself. A vibrator slides into her secret tender place, and another inside her anus for a double stuffed ride until she cum-pisses all over herself. A penis breaks her virgin sheath, and he assr*pes her over and over with a vibrator to fulfill her open front hole. Semen blorps a heavy cumpie up her anus... she's such a young girl... Then the tentacles. Deep orgasmic spasms slosh her spunk-filled hole, her overfull womb swollen and developing a child. Squirming limbs rape her face and rectum, gallons of jizz explode inside. Shrieking and gasping, Silica advances to the next stage.

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