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    Nine O'clock Woman 1
    Nine O'clock Woman 1
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    Katsuragi Miki has finally landed her dream job, as an anchorwoman for the nine o'clock news and everything is looking up. She has it all; she's young, attractive and well off with a succesfull career and the popularity that comes along with it. Unfortunately that's not all she has, Miki is hiding a very dark secret, a secret that could destroy her: she's addicted to masturbation and she can't stop for even a second! Her life gets more complicated when a co-worker; a cue card holder, takes a personal interest in her. He discovers her using a vibrator to masturbate with in her dressing room and blackmails her into doing whatever he wants, she's helpless and completely under his power. He even gives her a little treat to help feed her addiction; he locks her into a pair of panties with a remote controlled vibrator attached to them so he can turn her on anytime he likes even while she is on the air but it also prevents her from masturbating anytime she wants.

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