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    Hakohou High is a prestigious local school whose baseball team has made it to the National Championship in previous years. Saki is a first year student whose interest in baseball is sparked as she watches a game. Pursuing her dreams, Saki becomes a manager of the school’s baseball team. Her kind and thoughtful co-manager and senpai, Nozomi, and the other members of the baseball club give Saki a refreshing experience of school club life. Saki looks forward to making the best of her golden days of youth with her new teammates. "A manager's got to do whatever it takes to bring out the best in her team.” On the surface this sounds like good management philosophy, but here its meaning is dripping with sweat and lust! Saki’s sweaty teammates instill in her a deep sense of loyalty through copious amounts of pleasure. Eventually, through this strange baseball club tradition, Saki offers all of her body and heart to her teammates.

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