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    ■Tsubasa Love Attack - Final Chapter The volleyball club conducts a training camp. Asakura gets a special training regimen to help her perform under pressure. Takahashi gives her a “breast massage”?! Asakura and Takahashi are embarrassed at first, but they gradually get used to it, and Asakura has sex for her first time. They clean off in the bathroom and are about to start again when all the club members burst in and decide to end their training camp with a bang! ■Please Kiss Me Nana Sakashita works as a helping hand at a small store in a nearby shopping arcade. Her brother, Hiro, whom she greatly admires, asks her to be the MC at an upcoming event in the shopping arcade. At the request of the shopping arcade chairman, she tries on an outfit for the event in front of Hiro. Her costume is small and revealing, and when Hiro tells her he’ll get her another one for the event, she says, “Then I'll wear this outfit just for you, Hiro-nii!” They tell one another about their true feelings for each other, and the distance between them rapidly closes.

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